What makes the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department special? Read some of the comments shared by our members, instructors and members from the community.

"I was very impressed with the state of the Dive Team and the enthusiasm of it's members. I am very aware of the efforts it takes to keep equipment squared away and divers ready... Working with your team is a pleasure that most instructors have never experienced."
Kyle J. Keenan, USCG Licensed Captain and Public Safety Diving Instructor
"I joined the Department in 2006 to try something new. I love Sound Beach's uniquess and being able to do exciting things and being able to help others."
Mike Matejak, Active Member, Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department
"I joined the Explorer program in high school. When I turned eighteen, I became an active member at Sound Beach. Without a doubt, being a volunteer has positively changed my life and has created amazing opportunities for me. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to provide assistance during an emergency. While some tasks can be demanding and challenging at times, the gratitude comes from knowing we did the best job possible."
T. John Cunningham, Active Member, Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department
As a life long professional firefighter and fire chief, I have had the opportunity to work with departments of all levels across the world. I found the SBVFD to be one of the most dedicated and professional departments I have had the opportunity to work with during my career. The expertise shown by the SBVFD personnel provide superior service to their community and other areas surrounding their community. The dedicated personnel of the SBVFD strive for perfection in all areas of emergency response while never minimizing the safety of their own personnel. This is proven by the structured and well defined training program for the members of the department. The SBVFD has some of the industries leading instructors dedicated to professional service and response requirements. Citizens of Greenwich and Sound Beach are well protected due to the dedicated people of the SBVFD.
B. "Kurt" Bozenhardt, PhD, MIFireE, CFO, CSS

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